Digital Forensic & Incident Response
Case Management

Manage all of the tasks, evidence, and data related to
digital forensic and incident response cases
and pinpoint where case data resides from a single interface .

Case Workflow Management

Ensure tasks are assigned to examiners and track completion based on case activity

Digital Forensic Cases, Investigations, IR, and eDiscovery

Easily capture, track and investigate security events and report on findings.

Cases from End-to-End

Relationship tracking in a cohesive view of relationships between entities and different cases.

Spreadsheet Hell

Say goodbye to emailed spreadsheet attachments.

SirenTec is Awesome, and Cool

F500 Company

Introducing SirenTec
Enteprise Edition
& Lab Edition

SirenTec Enterprise allows for full digital forensic case management across the enterprise, robust evidence control and up-to-the-minute status on any case in progress. Browser based technology allows tracking of eDiscovery, Forensic, Criminal, and Incident Response cases across a wide variety of departments and groups. Litigation Support professionals can now have up to the minute access to the status of any matter. Senior law enforcement officers can answer that all to common question of “what’s the status of this case” without waiting to hear back from investigators.

Personnel from multiple teams can now collaborate on the status of incident response cases. Finding evidence, or searching for information on prior, potentially related, cases is now simple and easy with the robust search capability including on-line photo and document management.

Features & Benefits

Case Mangement

Have complete control and visibility of all cases from the beginning to conclusion. Both Enterprise & Lab Editions provide examiners with a clear and concise means to track and manage all aspects of any Digital Forensic, eDiscovery, or Incident Response case -- all with up-to-the minute visibility in every case with every investigator.

Chain of Custody

Easily and accurately track Chain-of-Custody of Physical Evidence and Logical Evidence for every case (Digital or Traditional) or incident. Sirentec draws together digital and physical evidence into a single system, promoting true chain of custody that not only tracks the location and custody of physical evidence but also the digital data contained within, including successive generations of culled data.


Create custom automated workflows for your cases to fit your needs - Track tasks from origination to completion with automated notification for each task.

with EnCase Evidence

Store your Logical Evidence in a central repository with the Case Management Solution. Always know its location -- even with personnel changes that occur over the 2-3 years to proceed to trial.

Awesome, easy to use, see how SirenTec can help manage your DFIR cases today

Who Uses SirenTec?

Digital Forensic Investigation Labs

eDiscovey Investigation Teams

Security Incident Response Teams

Law Enforcement Labs

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